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Three Good Reasons Why Your Home Needs Gutters from Gutter Works

1) Foundation Problems. The expansion and contraction of the ground around your home is the single biggest contributing factor to slab failure. After a period of rainy weather, the soils around a home become saturated with moisture, causing expansion. As the soils dry, they contract and leads to cracks in the masonry and foundation of your home.

2) Staining of Masonry and Siding. Rainwater rolling off an ungutted roof will hit the ground with enough force to cause a splashback, splattering dirt, grass and minerals onto the exterior of your home. Over time of this repeated cycle, stains appear on the side of your home, making them difficult to remove, eventually causing the need for a re-painting of home.

3) Damage to Landscaping. Plants, flowers, mulch, and soil located under the drip line of an unguttered roof can suffer from the water runoff of a rainstorm. This runoff can result in an over-watering condition that could permit harmful fungus to develop as well as attract ants, roaches and termites. A properly designed and installed gutter system keeps the soil around your home at a consistent moisture level by directing roof runoff safely away from your home.